Cymbidium Tailor’s Shop - Seoul (Korea): when paints become furnishing accessories

Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.

Who’s never heard of this saying by King Giorgio (Armani)? We mention it now because it is so fitting for describing one of our latest projects abroad: the Cymbidium Tailor’s Shop in Seoul, Korea.

There are so many creations that have endured the test of time, reaching well beyond the hype of the moment. Not only in the realm of fashion... Our project embodies this idea to perfection, not only for its highly appealing interior design but also for the unique and elegant style that emerges. The refined atmosphere was deliberately studied to stand the test of time in every sense, despite trends evolving over time.


The Cymbidium Tailor’s Shop: the project

The interior design for the Cymbidium Tailor’s Shop is geared towards creating a small “bonbonnière” to welcome clients and make them feel pampered, thanks to an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. The attention to detail that went into the work inside the atelier each day is reflected in the project’s final outcome.

Walking into the tailor’s shop is not just any mundane gesture: it is a way of escaping the frenetic metropolitan life of the Korean city to enjoy a moment completely dedicated to oneself, leaving out all the rest.

The design approach is particularly evident in the finishing materials covering the surfaces of the tailor’s shop, much like a tailor clothing his clients. How often have we expressed the idea that a decorative paint can be likened to a garment clothing an environment? In this specific case, the comparison definitely fits to a T. In actual fact, it emphasises the underlying characteristics and concept even more.


VALRENNA, POLISTOF, SABULADOR SOFT and KLONDIKE CORTEN: the VALPAINT decorative paints that “clothe” the tailor’s shop

For the scenic design, the owner of the Cymbidium Tailor’s Shop, together with his design staff, chose the following Italian decorative paints for interiors by VALPAINT, ably proposed by our Korean dealer: “Central tools & colors”.

• VALRENNAa fabric-effect paint with a distinctly elegant and refined touch.
• POLISTOF: a new product blurring the boundary between chromatic paint and texture.
• SABULADOR SOFTa sand-effect decorative paint characterised by special bright reflections created by tiny sand grains.
• KLONDIKE CORTEN: a decorative paint with rusty metal effect that adds a distinctive character to surfaces and can be applied both indoors and outdoors.


How were the VALPAINT decorative paints used in the project?

The “bonbonnière” concept is also reflected in the building’s distinctive architectural structure. Its characteristic shape and compact dimensions make it stand out from its surroundings littered with imposing modern and futuristic buildings.


The main facade has a large window, while the entrance door is decorated with mouldings and bas-relief mirrors, enriched by the KLONDIKE CORTEN decorative paint which emphasises the rusty metal finish with its typical brownish colour reminiscent of weathered iron. This finish was chosen to underline the importance of the shop’s entrance with a special material offering a striking visual impact (for further details on the potential of KLONDIKE CORTEN also read Rusty metal-effect paint: even iron is cool with KLONDIKE).


Upon entering the tailor’s shop, we realise how the idea of creating an elegant and refined ambience has been successfully fulfilled thanks to the use of the VALRENNA fabric-effect paint. The surfaces decorated with VALRENNA are not only enriched by colour but also reveal a special tactile effect that conveys a refined and “soft” appeal, like the sumptuous feeling we get from stroking a velvety fabric.
Moreover, the unobtrusiveness and elegance of the vertical surfaces are emphasised by the mouldings, which resemble a series of panels lined with fabric. The same material, but with a different nuance, was used to decorate a few details and the doors of other areas inside the tailor’s shop, so as to create a contrast with the other walls. The two VALRENNA shades let the volumes and spaces emerge, while the paler colour emphasises the tailored item made by the designer.


Alongside VALRENNA and KLONDIKE CORTEN, the mood board for the Cymbidium Tailor’s Shop included another VALPAINT decorative paint, namely POLISTOFPOLISTOF is a fabric-effect paint consisting of coloured micro-spheres that add a polychrome effect to surfaces. And there is more: thanks to the addition of micro-crystals, the surfaces become so bright that they almost function as a light.


Lastly, the interior design of the tailor’s shop was completed with the SABULADOR SOFT paint for interiors, which was used to create a breached effect and to clash with the colours used for the walls and for the tailor shop’s products. This sand-effect VALPAINT decorative product changes colour depending on how light strikes it, but also reveals a pronounced texture that clashes with the soft impression generated by the walls decorated with VALRENNA.


The Korean project reveals how VALPAINT decorative paints are able to generate architectural effects single-handedly and harmonise the environments in which they are used. Their function, therefore, is not confined to mere decoration since they are able to reveal and underline a certain volume or construction details, and also visually limit certain aspects of the space. They are design elements in their own right and, as such, generate different potential spatial development “strategies”, influencing the way spaces are experienced.