Resin coatings for walls and floors: VALPAINT I-BETON and the beauty of continuous coloured surfaces

Taste and perception of environments evolve continuously: they change with fashions and evolve with the new necessities linked to living spaces.

This explains why over the years there has been widespread interest in new materials, with performances that enable designers to create distinctly modern and extremely interesting solutions also with regard to colour.

Colour is revealed through the use of paints but also by the materials themselves which, by their very nature, are coloured (for example stones and marbles, woods and all those materials we find in nature). It is wrong to think of finding marble completely of one colour: certainly some varieties are more uniform than others that are richer in shades and veins, but almost never monochrome. The same applies to woods and other natural materials.

Currently colour can be used in the design and interior design fields in different ways, also thanks to advanced technologies which allow for creating materials with increasingly better performances in which colour plays a fundamental role.

Resin for walls is one such material and has been very much in demand over the past few years. Let’s discover its characteristicsapplication and final aesthetic outcome.


Resin coatings for interiors: the aesthetic and functional value of continuous surfaces

More commonly referred to as “resins” or “micro-cement”, continuous surfaces are widely used in the interior design sector. When applied, they create surfaces capable of withstanding water and moisture without ever forgoing aesthetic concerns, in terms of both texture and colour.

Continuous surfaces are basically the “skin” covering a support; they are termed “continuous” because they lack breaks and are instead uniformregular and free of gaps.

Besides being technologically advanced, these finishes are extremely versatile but, above all, fully embody the quest for colour and all its nuances.


VALPAINT I-BETON and resin coating for walls and floors

VALPAINT, an acknowledged leader in the production of decorative paints, includes among its assortment the VALPAINT I-BETON range which replicates the micro-cement effect in the continuous surface version.

VALPAINT I-BETON is an application cycle for indoor surfaces with a micro-cement effect which, thanks to its special structure, can be used also in damp environments and even in contact with water (for example in the case of resin coatings for shower cabins).

VALPAINT I-BETON is the washable resin for walls, a continuous decorative coating capable of withstanding water and moisture, which can be used to create coatings with micro-cement effect for various surfaces including those in bathrooms and kitchens, on flooring and in various other rooms.

The main features of this product are:

• its ability to make decorative surfaces water-resistant. VALPAINT I-BETON can therefore be used to decorate surfaces that come into contact with water or moisture either directly or indirectly;
• the possibility of treating surfaces by privileging aesthetic and not merely functional aspects. Thanks to the range of nuances available for the product and the two surface finishes, glossy and matt, environments can be designed with solutions and colour combinations capable of satisfying any interior design requirement. The importance of designing a setting that yields a visually pleasing chromatic effect is a sure advantage because colour is a mainstay of architectural design.
• since this product creates a continuum between horizontal and vertical surfaces, it can be used to create elements resembling monoliths – a highly popular choice in contemporary design.

For further information on the characteristics of VALPAINT I-BETON resin for walls and floors also read “VALPAINT I-BETON resin for walls and floors: the continuous-surface coating”.


The potential applications of the VALPAINT I-BETON continuous decorative system include coatings for bathrooms, kitchens and tiled surfaces

The continuous surfaces that can be created with VALPAINT I-BETON have a series of features that make this product highly versatile and easy to use in a variety of settings.


Resin coatings for kitchens

With its wide range of colours and two finishes (glossy and matt), VALPAINT I-BETON is an excellent solution for coating tiled kitchen surfaces.

But that's not all. Due to its unique characteristics, it can also be used in environments where food is processed and packaged since it has obtained the HACCP certification (UNI 11021).


Resin on tiled surfaces

VALPAINT I-BETON is a truly versatile product that can be applied directly to the surface to be decorated. It can be used on existing surfaces, such as tiled areas, to great effect not only for its excellent adhesion but also its impermeability to water.


Resin coating for bathrooms for walls in contact with water and moisture

Impermeability to water and perfect adhesion on surfaces even in extremely damp environments explain why VALPAINT I-BETON is ideal for use in shower cabins on both the vertical walls and the shower tray (where present) or directly on the shower cabin floor.

But that's not all. This resin coating for bathrooms is equally effective in facilities such as wellness centres.

Thanks to its characteristics and application method, therefore, VALPAINT I-BETON resin for walls and floors is ideal for covering extensive areas, enhancing yet again the distinctive characteristics of continuous surfaces.


VALPAINT I-BETON: the continuous decorative system for vertical and horizontal surfaces and perfectly hygienic environments

Of the many positive qualities of VALPAINT I-BETON, perhaps one has become particularly important in the current situation: hygiene.

The possibility of creating continuous surfaces without grout lines and breaks on horizontal and vertical surfaces inside commercial premises not only makes these more stylish, but also improves their hygiene standards since the absence of grout lines avoids dirt, germs and other substances from getting trapped.


The value of colour for design with VALPAINT I-BETON

As mentioned several times before, colour is an indispensable design tool.

Thanks to its extensive options relating to colour and finish, VALPAINT I-BETON can be used to experiment with colour design, not only aesthetically, but also spatially.

When applied on old tiles, thus eliminating all grout lines on the existing floor, it expands the spatial perception of the room on both vertical surfaces (walls) and horizontal surfaces (floors): covering the grid formed by the grout lines makes the room seem larger, while colour does the rest.

Juggling with similar tones but with different colour saturation (for example, a dark floor and lighter walls) creates an interplay between surfaces and volumes that radically alters the spatial perception of the room.

Another example: in the kitchen environment it can create an actual mat on which to place furniture. Experimenting with colour clashes (dark kitchen cabinets and very light floor, or inversely) enhances both the continuous floor surface and the furniture elements of the kitchen itself.

Thanks to its dual nature – aesthetic and functional – VALPAINT I-BETON can be used to create solutions boasting a high design impact. After all, “design is entwined with the idea of innovation and, more than any other design-related activity, is intrinsically geared towards producing change and innovation. Its very same existence is only justified in an innovative context.” (M. C. Forlani)