Polistof, the elegant finish for luxury hotels.

POLISTOF is a polychromatic decorative paint designed to provide a refined fabric effect.

Make the attic brighter during the day but also at night.

Very often the problem of attics is the low possibility of lighting them at night.    Valpaint has thought of a solution not requiring drastic interventions and exorbitant costs but  allowing  to exploit the natural light of the day, even at night. The attic so will be illuminated even at night, allowing its use.

The return of the animal style also at home.

Today the animalier style has also fully conquered interior design. From the living room to the office, the rooms are transformed into a jungle, thanks also to the careful work of interior designers who offer exotic and fascinating decorative paintings.

Too simple to call it minimal..5 ideas to decorate your interiors using grey!

How often have you imagined to decorate  your walls with shades of gray thinking to a minimal style . ?  If you consider  them  flat and opaque,  Valpaint offers you  5 different ideas to furnish every room with character and personality, in 5 different ways, but bearing in mind  gray hues .

Some ideas for the basement room between classic and modern.

The basement room at home is a place of conviviality and great pleasure. The basemen room  is a meeting place, where the family meets and invites friends, so the furniture must be characterized by comfort and functionality.

The delicacy at Valpaint’s : Light Selection.

Shabby chic, Nordic Style and Minimal are some of the most important trends in interior design. These three styles often require nuances and delicate tones, to make the wall a backdrop.

Chromotherapy in bedroom.

In the sleeping area, relaxation, calm and tranquility are the sensations that most combine sleep. For this you should use the cool colors that help you have a state of peace and well-being.

VALPAINT E-VOLUTION also in the wellnes resort!

SPAs or Wellness Centers are environments requirING maximum hygiene and elegance. These delicate environments and at the same time dedicated to the care of the body and the mind, need coatings with precise characteristics such as impermeability, easy cleaning and resistance over time.

Minimal Style in the kitchen: 3 ideas to personalize your walls.

A minimalist kitchen can prove to be extremely functional as it is equipped to such a point that it offers maximum comfort, both in terms of space and content, even if it is based on a few simple elements.

Forest Green Shade: the  trendy colour  in 2019  for furnishing !

A rich and intense green, with a dark emerald shade. This color tone is already an official trend of 2019 for the  furniture.

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