Modernism: vintage is updated

The Modernism style (one of the VALPAINT 2017 Moodboard styles) is an updated vintage style, with bolder shades and a whole range of combinations of new materials.

What is the best time to paint the home?

 and late summer are therefore the best periods of the year for painting activities, whether these involve merely coating the walls or a more refined job such as the application of decorative paints.

In this latter case, namely the application of a decorative paint, 

5 ideas to decorate your home with pastel colours

Pink, blue, green and yellow, but also beige and ivory: delicate and natural colours that can be used to decorate walls and furniture, or simply the furnishing elements and fabrics.

BIO-MINIMAL: when nature meets high-tech

Bio-Minimal interiors privilege light alongside the lightness of furnishings and the stone grey and natural wood colours, which offset the lively green and pomace shades. Nature enters the home to bestow well-being and comfort.

Sabulador renews its look: the new 2017 catalogue

VALPAINT has renewed its catalogue for 2017 and there is now a more contemporary presentation of Sabulador in line with the times: new settings, new emphasis on colours and larger tiles. The new catalogue is more versatile and even better suited to satisfying appliers' and customers' needs.

A new look for Rococò: the historical decorative paint.

VALPAINT has renewed the Rococò image to pay homage to its versatility: the new catalogue has a new layout, with new settings to highlight the different styles and a new range of colours.

VALPAINT launches the new 2017 image

The new logo satisfies these requirements, channelling an image of contemporary and innovative design and reflecting the values we have always espoused in 29 years of activity.

Live from Made Expo 2017

Did you miss a visit to Made Expo 2017? No problem, we are here to help. This year, we have tried out a new method of providing information on it: VALPAINT Social TV is screening scheduled Live accounts of the event on our Facebook pages.


The coming up  of #ValpaintSocialTV

The #ValpaintSocialTV is a social channel combing the potentialities  of Live social network with the characteristics of the traditional TV programs .


Soft - touch paints: soft walls pleasant to the touch

If you want a paint which leaves your walls and surfaces soft and pleasant to the touch, we have three very interesting solutions for you.


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