Valrenna, the softness to touch with your hand.

Soft to the touch, as the buckskin Valrenna is a water based paint composed of pigments and special resins allowing to create decorative effects similar to the fabric. Soft and rich in nuances, the decorative effects are extremely elegant and can be applied on many different surfaces such as cement, plaster, plasterboard and other.

 Valpaint is always greener!

We have chosen to put even more attention to the environment in different ways, but all aimed towards the same objective of being Ecofriendly.

June products from Valpaint

June is a perfect month for touching up the house and tapping into new inspiration to update your surrounds. Here are our two star products for June 2018.

Hollywood: the perfect additive to add a splash of colour to your summer

Available in 6 gorgeous fluorescent shades, HOLLYWOOD comes alive with blacklight sources. The perfect way to give a special touch to the children's room and turn around public premises, pizzerias, restaurants and discos with an off-beat vibe.

A new decorative paint in Valpaint : Valsetin 2.

You can see Valsetin 2 Catalogue completely new where the image of Valpaint stands out fresher and more elegant, offering interesting inspiration and ideas for decoration.

VALPAINT E-VOLUTION: reviving your home has never been easier!

VALPAINT embraces innovation yet again.

We are proud to present VALPAINT E-VOLUTION, the decorative system created for walls and floors that redefines the concept of interior design and reveals exclusive and surprising application capabilities. 

2017 Moodboard: 4 styles, 4 ways of interpreting environments

New Romantic, Etnolusso, Neo Modernismo, Bio Minimal. During 2017, we have told you about 4 styles and how to create them by combining colours, furniture finishes and VALPAINT decorative paints.

Klondike Light: the new catalogue

The restyled Klondike Light catalogue presents new and more contemporary settings. A new and sparkling presentation of the available colours.


Sabulador Soft: all the news from the 2017 catalogue

New settings, new colours and much trendier graphics: Sabulador Soft has also been restyled,
and the new catalogue is out now.

Modernism: vintage is updated

The Modernism style (one of the VALPAINT 2017 Moodboard styles) is an updated vintage style, with bolder shades and a whole range of combinations of new materials.

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