VALPAINT E-VOLUTION in the kitchen: practical and attractive at the same time!

The finish used in a kitchen is important, as it has to protect the surfaces from water drops, the chemical cleaning products, organic substances, etc. A material with good technical characteristics must therefore be used.

A surface that can be cleaned easily, even with aggressive products, is needed behind the sink and the hob.

The surface should also be impermeable to both chemical and organic liquids.

However, the finish of the kitchen does not always successfully satisfy both personal tastes and practical functions. It is also necessary to ensure that it is in tune with the colours of the kitchen, the home and the flooring. More contemporary solutions break these rules, with choices in stark contrast with the surrounding environment.




One such functional and chic solution is VALPAINT E-VOLUTION.

It is water-proof, crush-proof and resistant to the aggression of chemical substances. It can be used for continuous surfaces and is particularly popular in interior design projects, not just for the visual aspect, but also for the easy maintenance and, last but not least, the possibility of obtaining extremely hygienic surfaces. It can be applied on a large number of surfaces and with a wide range of decorative effects.

VALPAINT E-VOLUTION is not necessarily just a kitchen finish. It can also be used for other walls and for flooring, becoming one with its surroundings.




The VALPAINT E-VOLUTION decorative system also offers the major advantage of direct application on the bricks, both vertically and on flooring, thus creating a decorative surface that revitalises old and obsolete surfaces. It can be used to restructure and renovate the areas without major building work, saving both time and money.