Lounge-wall painting ideas: how to choose the right colour

In this day and age, home renovation has almost become a necessity.

Forced confinement in our homes and the need to balance our work schedule with normal off-duty routine has caused us to want to redefine and rethink our living spaces in order to make them as functional as possible.

But there is a bit more to it than that. We feel an increasing desire to refresh our environment even with minor adjustments as we seek to restore cosiness and a sense of intimacy after the battering we have taken during the “forced occupation” of the last few years.

Where to start?

Designing and furnishing a house is a challenging task indeed. The easiest solution without doubt is to hire a professional architect/interior designer who will be able to divide up your space in the best possible way.

However, if you have embarked on a search for new finishes and aesthetic remedies because you want to sort your home out by yourself, this article will give you some useful hacks about 2022 trends for lounge wall paints and show you all the colours and effects available to you as you create your own light-filled uplifting setting.


How to choose the colour of your living-room walls

2020 wall-colour trends forliving room/lounge décor projects can be divided up into three main style categories:

1. Minimalist style
2. Nordic style
3. Rustic-chic style

In all three cases, there is one underlying factor that unites them: the use of harmonious elements that clearly reference the natural world, both in the sense of actual materials and a colour palette.


Modern colours on lounge walls: a minimalist style

The overarching concept for a minimalist style can be summed up as “less is more”. Therefore, we are looking at:

• sharp simple lines
• light colours both for décor items and wall decoration
• a sharp contrast between the light shades used for the furnishings and the decorative effects (with patterning that is simple yet impactful at the same time) in well-defined hues, such as greys, soft blues and olive green.


VALPAINT decorative effects for painting your lounge in a minimalist style
The VALPAINT decorative effects best suited to this design scheme are:

1. VALRENNA, a product with a unique tactile feel which replicates the effect of buckskin and is available in the following shades: grey (col. 448B, col. 425B,) dove grey (col. 496D & 496C), blue (col. 536A & 446A) and light hues (col. 456).


2. METEORE 10 INTONACO which is not only a highly touchable lime-based coating, but boasts a matt texture which is available in all the shades in production. For this decorative effect too, the colours which encapsulate a minimalist style are light greys, white and, sometimes, even sharper colours, such as blues and greens.


3. Decorative Water-Dilutable Enamel in the matt version V55 MATT and in the satiny version V88 SATINÈ: in addition to having a carefully curated array of colours, this product features a special formula integrated with a sanitising additive which ensures that environments are healthier and better for us.


Uplifting hues for the living area: Nordic style

The hallmarks of a Nordic style are restraint and a pared-back aesthetic. However, this kind of design relies heavily on the use of top-of-the-line materials.

Wood predominates here, especially in a light fresh colour palette which should be played up by simple fabrics in subtle pure hues. As wood plays a paramount role in interiors of this kind, designers will more than often look for a colour scheme that somehow counterpoints the prevalence of the brown characteristic of wood.


VALPAINT’s suggestions for achieving perfect Nordic-style wall colour in the lounge

VALPAINT offers three finishes that well suit this design intent:

1. VALSETIN 2: a water-based product that enhances surfaces with a delicate feel, a velvety soft texture and subtle chic colours. Once again, the shades that best represent a Nordic-style decorative finish are muted greys (SILV. 700 + 467 C-E-G & SILV. 700 + 496 C-E-G) & the dove greys (SILV. 700 + 497 A-B-E & SILV. 700 + 540 B-E-G).



2. METEORE 10 CEMENTO: this is a creamy product which can be moulded to obtain a variety of effects that range from a compact concrete to a stripy surface. And this is exactly the look that we want in a Nordic-style setting where sandy hues bring the decorative intent to the fore.


1. POLISTOF: this is one of VALPAINT’s historic products. It is an elegant refined finish which brings a dash of multicoloured verve to environments. This product also completes and complements a Nordic style with its array of light unfussy shades.


A rustic-chic style and walls colours that catch the light

A vintage aesthetic together with a selection of lovingly upcycled objects marries marvellously with a rustic-chic style, ushering in a cosy domestic atmosphere that abounds in comfort.

Furnishings in aged wood and wicker/rattan are the distinguished features of this particular look. Using natural hues inside a house means inviting Mother Nature into your home and reconnecting with your inner self.

Which is why sandy yellows, greens and blues are the best choices in this case.


Colours for a rustic-style front room: the VALPAINT products

The decorative VALPAINT products that epitomise this mood are the sandy ones, in particular SABULADOR and SABULADOR SOFT and the rusty metals, like KLONDIKE FERRO and KLONDIKE CORTEN.

Sandy paints are the best decorative solution for a rustic-chic style because not only do they offer a broad colour range, they also come in a matt or shiny version which imbues the wall surfaces with a punch of personality.

The metal-effect paints quite simply make use of a time-honoured material that has a unique ability to instantly upgrade the walls of your lounge in aesthetic terms.