Fabric Effect wall paint: all the features of Polistof

The famous New York designer Billy Baldwin once said: "The first rule of interior design is that almost all the rules can be broken".
For example, a few years ago would you have ever imagined being able to "dress up" your walls? And   we are not referring  to the  classic wallpaper, but to a real  paint having a  fabric effect!
The world of paints for particular interior settings has developed so much: research on new avant-garde technologies has in fact made it possible to create not only visual sensations but also tactile sensations never reached before.
The fabric-effect wallcovering is certainly one of the most interesting and fascinating results of this research: a velvety-looking paint that makes the interior refined and elegant.


Wall Paint : the Polistof  effect – light

The elegance of the fabric effect paint is not limited, however, to the velvety effect. It is in the relationship with the light that this decoration reaches its maximum expression.
The presence of special bright microcrystals transforms this interior paint into a unique decoration in terms of intensity and use opportunities. The walls are transformed into real "bright fabrics" that become useful furnishing elements for a functional and visual balance.
Thanks to this particular aspect, a fabric effect wall allows you to work on the perception of architecture by:
• evoke a specific atmosphere;
• shifting the  attention to a particular area of ​​an environment;
• emphasize a specific function that that area will perform.
Lighting the various rooms of a house or a contract space, in fact, does not only mean defining the correct amount of light, but also playing with the possibilities that the light-walls combination can create.


Special Effect Wall Paint :  POLISTOF

POLISTOF, the fabric effect wall paint designed by the VALPAINT laboratories, is a new essence on the border between polychromatic and fabric paint.
The advanced technologies , this wall covering is made of, allow not only to have a product with a high aesthetic yield, but also a paint for interiors with very high technical qualities such as:
• safety: VALPAINT water-based paints are eco-sustainable. The formulation used was designed to lower and in some cases completely exclude the use of harmful substances such as IPA, APEO, formaldehyde and ammonia;
• resistance: after complete hardening, an elastic surface remains on the POLISTOF that provides good resistance to water, shocks and abrasions;
• washability: this paint can be washed from 15 days after application with water and common detergents

Fabric Effect Paint: POLISTOF typologies

There are different types of POLISTOF:
1. painting velvety fabric effect;
2. velvety fabric effect painting with L50, a water based additive with an aluminum, gold or pigment effect able to create interesting lighting effects;
3. paint effect jeans fabric for small surfaces