Modernism: vintage is updated

The Modernism style (one of the VALPAINT 2017 Moodboard styles) is an updated vintage style, with bolder shades and a whole range of combinations of new materials.


Just as the discovery of new materials, such as plastic, prompted the desire for new material combinations and ever bolder colours, the pleasure of using "primary" materials is now stimulating the desire for bold combinations, including colour combinations.


Colours which suggest a journey back in time, with sepia shades, are combined with strong and bright shades, where orange and warm yellow are the basic theme.



How to recreate the Modernism style with VALPAINT decorative paints 


The red of the padded leather contrasts with the deep light-blue of the Mavericks decorative paint. Combine it with a deep yellow fabric to obtain a perfect effect. The other walls can be decorated with one of the neutral shades of a delicate Valrenna paint (Col. 425 D)







 The industrial appearance of Meteore 10 Cemento can form the base in recreating the Modernism style: use orange and yellow fabrics here as well and include a red-purple wall (Valsetin 509 Col. 429 A).






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