What is the best time to paint the home?

Walls should ideally be painted when the temperatures are not too low and there is little humidity to ensure rapid drying and good ventilation of the room.


Spring and late summer are therefore the best periods of the year for painting activities, whether these involve merely coating the walls or a more refined job such as the application of decorative paints.

In this latter case, namely the application of a decorative paint, it is important to carefully follow the instructions of the manufacturer and rely on the services of a sector professional when using products with a sophisticated application cycle.




Available on-line are the VALPAINT tutorials for applying decorative paints


All VALPAINT decorative paints have their official application tutorial: they are on-line and free of charge on the official YouTube channel.



Painting your home in winter: tips and suggestions


If you’ve been strongly advised not to paint your home in winter, don’t listen:you’ll just need a little more time and patience to keep the rooms ventilated for longer.


A good tip is to heat the room on the days preceding the job and, secondly, aerate the environments so that humidity can escape.

In this way you’ll have created the optimal conditions to start painting.


Once the application phase ends, you must take into account the drying times which will naturally be longer compared to the summer season; however, this will not affect the quality of the outcome.


With the exception of special cases, therefore, painting in winter is by no means inadvisable. In this case we refer to interiors alone, because the heating system ensures that the walls of the home can dry in approximately the same time, while opening the windows only occasionally.