Metallic-effect paint: even iron is cool with KLONDIKE

Rusty-metal effect paint: with VALPAINT’s KLONDIKE iron couldn’t be cooler


In people’s imagination this word always seems to have negative associations. But, as we know, people are not artists with their fertile imagination. Nor are they interior designers.

Because in such a case, whenever the word “rust” is mentioned, what immediately comes to mind is that marvellous mingling of orange, red and brown which in some circumstances reveals veiled shifting nuances brought on by the passage of time.

An on-trend colour already back in the ‘70s, rust is an interior-design must for 2020. Because when interiors are conceived and decorated with a rust-effect paint, they intensify the audacious aesthetic of design projects that exude undefinable allure.


Corten-effect paint: the refinement of rust

Emanating a russet glow, rust comes from oxidised iron which means that oxygen triggers corrosion on the surface. The colour created by this process on metal has been recreated to decorate both interiors and exteriors.

As one may well imagine, a rust-effect colour expresses a bold personality and emanates a strong allure at the same time:

• it has an engaging dauntless spirit flushed with red which give it warmth and magnetism;
• it strikes a perfect balance between lively energy and sensual ease;
• it is suitable for any setting, from the living room to the bedroom and including the bathroom (as well as a version for spas).


Combinations with tarnished-copper-effect paint

Due to its strikingly bold beauty, any design that factors in rust-effect paint must achieve a fine balance between its ruddiness and the other shades present in the environment.
Obtained from three particularly rich hues, rust-effect wall paint can be paired with a vast array of colour schemes. A rust effect can be matched to:

• neutral tones like black and white,
• stunning contrasts - for instance with sage green or mustard yellow;
• it can be used with blue for a peaceful atmosphere.

And we must never overlook the fact that a rusty-iron finish has industrial-style overtones so it is the ultimate way to energise a factory-chic setting (would you like to find out more about industrial-style paint effects? You might also be interested in "Cement-effect paint in an urban-industrial style".

It is nothing short of sensational when it comes to imparting a unique feel to modern and rustic settings: indeed, in this case, corten-effect paint is an easy match to furnishings and accessories.


Rust-coloured paint: Valpaint's KLONDIKE collection

A leading Italian company in the manufacture of decorative paints, VALPAINT has a vast range of products, but the one that is best suited to narrating this design style with materials that evoke the beauty of rusted iron is the product family called KLONDIKE.

KLONDIKE is a metal-effect decorative paint which has been conceived, designed and produced by VALPAINT to elevate both indoor and outdoor environments.

The KLONDIKE family is classified into four categories according to the effect it gives:









Metal paint effects with KLONDIKE and KLONDIKE LIGHT


KLONDIKE and KLONDIKE LIGHT are aged-metal-effect paints to be used as a top coat for interiors; they imbue decorative surfaces with an alluring metallic glint and bring to the fore unusual nuances and enchanting hues.


Available in various colours, this product has a base shade that can be enriched with the addition of GOLD or SILVER, intensifying its ability to coax out ambient light with a sheen that is characteristic of these standout decorative paints.


KLONDIKE FERRO: the aged-metal-effect paint

Another VALPAINT solution for interior decorating is KLONDIKE FERRO.

KLONDIKE FERRO comes in 3 different versions and masterfully mimics the tarnished surface of oxidised metal.

As we mentioned earlier on, rust is caused when metal oxidises; VALPAINT achieves its KLONDIKE FERRO effect by imitating the original process - it uses a base material and an oxidising product.

Unlike other similar products, the VALPAINT oxidising product is water-based and, not only is neither dangerous nor harmful, but oxidisation takes place more slowly so there is time to define what extent of rusting is desired and arrest the process with a suitable product.


KLONDIKE CORTEN, the corten-effect paint which transforms settings

Another rust-effect-paint option is KLONDIKE CORTENUnlike the previous products, this one can be applied to interiors but especially (in its Top version) to exteriors.

Made from ceramic microspheres immersed in a siloxane base, this product can be applied to outdoor structures to great effect and with contemporary industrial-style overtones.

This rust-coloured paint is the best alternative to original cor-ten steel (we discussed this in our previous article as well “Corten-effect paint: the elegance of a rusty glow”).
Indeed, it offers several attractive benefits:

• it costs less than the original metal
• it allows you to cover large surface areas without having to handle heavy dangerous materials
• there is no need for complicated mechanical attachments
• it gives a more even finish or a poured effect

This is why VALPAINT’s KLONDIKE CORTEN is deserving of taking its place as a design staple for contemporary architecture.