VALPAINT’s environmentally sustainable philosophy

Environmental awareness is at the centre of our corporate policy

VALPAINT S.p.A. adopted a green approach several years ago and is actively committed to environmental sustainability. As far back as 2006, the company obtained ISO 9001 Quality Certification, which was followed in 2009 by ISO 14001 Environmental Certification on the environmental compliance of manufacturing processes. Since then, the company has taken part in a number of projects promoting eco-sustainable manufacturing activities, in collaboration with several Italian universities.

VALPAINT has lowered and, in some cases, completely eliminated its use of hazardous substances, finding green alternatives to compounds such as IPA, APEO, FORMALDEHYDE and AMMONIA in its formulas.

With this research, VALPAINT has achieved prestigious green certifications and reduced the handling of harmful substances at its manufacturing plant to a minimum.

More than 80% of the products at VALPAINT are neither classified nor labelled as hazardous in accordance with REACH standards.

All VALPAINT products are VOC LOW, i.e. low in volatile compounds that are hazardous for people and the environment.

VALPAINT has achieved the Japanese F-FOUR STARS (JISA 1902-3) certification with regard to formaldehyde and Class A+ certification in accordance with ISO 16000, which indicates the lowest level of indoor emissions.

In addition to its products, VALPAINT also adopts the most environmentally-friendly solutions in terms of packaging: its plastic tubs are made of PP, which is 100% recyclable. The plastic is coloured using non-toxic masterbatches that are free from lead and other hazardous materials.

VALPAINT aims to reduce the use of hazardous substances throughout the life cycle of its products, in order to create safe and certified products that preserve the environment, our homes and the people who live in them.



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