Dilution: all JUNGLE decorative paints are ready for use and must be shaken well before and during use. Application temperature: between +5°C and +30°C. Strength: when the paint has fully hardened, a breathable film develops which offers good resistance to knocks and normal abrasion. Washability: 15 days after the cycle has been applied, the surface acquires its definitive properties, becoming breathable and washable with water or common neutral detergents. Equipment cleaning: use water. Storage: make sure that the can is tightly closed, even after use, and store at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Stability: approximately 2 years. SPECIFIC SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: avoid direct contact with skin. Protect eyes and face. In the event of contact, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water and consult a doctor. Do not wash equipment in watercourses, drains, etc. USER ADVICE: N.B.: the information provided here is, to the best of our knowledge, correct and accurate. However, given that the conditions in which the products are used are not under our control, we will not be held liable for any recommendations or advice we provide. All products required for creating the JUNGLE effect are sensitive to different painting techniques therefore it is important that the painting work is carried out entirely by same person. Moreover, it is essential to follow the application instructions specific to each JUNGLE Range effect. Shades may vary compared to the catalogue by between 20% and 30%, as well as from one batch to another, thus it is advisable to carry out a small test before commencing the work.The manufacturer and the distributor shall not be held liable for possible variations between batches, or in cases where the batch number is illegible. Should the batches be different, all the material must be mixed in a large container before beginning application, in order to avoid differences in colour once the product has been applied. Check the stencils supplied with the JUNGLE KIT thoroughly before positioning them. In particular, check the quantity and integrity of the stencils to ensure the correct outcome of the desired decorative effect.


The natural appearance of wood, with a surprising tactile effect

Lovely to look at and pleasant to touch: the Bark finish reproduces a tree trunk effect, infusing the room with an exotic atmosphere when used in minimal (or even Zen-like) environments. Can be customised in a variety of colours and shades.

JUNGLE Decorative Paints can be applied to various surfaces including cement (new or old), plasterboard, plaster of Paris, wood (new or old), plastic, glass and iron (new or old), provided they are free of humidity, well dry, smooth and have already been treated.
Any loose or dusty paint, as well as any grease or rust, must be removed and the surface washed with suitable soap. Fill the surfaces to be decorated, if necessary, and apply a base coat that is suitable to the type of surface to be treated.
Once the base coat is dry, apply the JUNGLE Range products as indicated below:
1) PRIMER 700. (Coverage 0.080 l/sqm) Apply a coat using a wool roller. Allow to dry for 4 hours at 20°c, then proceed to Point 2.
2) CR 633 already coloured. (Coverage 0.250 l/sqm) Apply two coats with vertical brush strokes only and in the least uniform manner possible. Allow to dry for 30 minutes at 20°C before applying the second coat. While the second coat of CR 633 is still wet, i.e. if the paint is very sticky to the touch but does not stain the hand, proceed to Point 3 and follow the instructions very carefully. 3) CR 634 already coloured. (Coverage 0.800 l/sqm) Using the stainless steel trowel, apply a coat approx. 2-3 mm thick of CR 634 in strips approx. 1 metre wide very quickly to prevent the paint from drying. Run the PV 93 mould above product CR 634 while still wet and scratch slightly wavy stripes into the surface about 1 mm deep, from top to bottom.
Continue with this sequence by applying product CR 634, then run the PV 93 mould over the surface until completing the decoration. Once finished, bring the room temperature to about 20°C to ensure that the “bark” effect reaction takes place; allow to dry for 8 hours at 20°C before proceeding to Point 4. 4) PRIMER 700. (Coverage 0.070 l/sqm) Apply the product by brushing in a vertical direction only from top to bottom and vice-versa, without covering the underlying surface. Use long and light brush strokes in order to create a striated effect on the surface. In this manner, once the colour is applied, the areas decorated with CR 634 and those treated with the PRIMER 700 must both be visible. Allow to dry for 2 hours at 20°C then proceed to Point 5. 5) CR 635 to be coloured prior to application using the VALCLONE Dispensing System or directly by VALPAINT. (Coverage 0.060 l/sqm) Apply the product by brushing in a vertical direction only from top to bottom and vice-versa, without covering the underlying surface Allow to dry for 1 hour at 20°c, then proceed to Point 6. 6) VALFLOK 300 TRANSPARENT. (Coverage 0.100 l/ sqm) Add a coat by brushing in a vertical direction only, from top to bottom and vice-versa, using little paint while applying fairly strong pressure.
N.B: All the above-mentioned phases must be completed without interruptions once they are started, while any areas that have already been coated must not be retouched. BARK JUNGLE KIT: Two JUNGLE KITS are available in order to obtain the BARK effect to decorate 3 sqm or 10 sqm.
PRODUCTS INCLUDED IN THE 3 SQM BARK JUNGLE KIT: 0.550 l of PRIMER 700 - 0.800 of CR 633 - 2.320 of CR 634 - 0.200 l of CR 635 (to be coloured with Paint Dispenser or directly by VALPAINT) - 0.300 l of VALFLOK 300 TRANSPARENT - 1 x PV 93 MOULD. PRODUCTS INCLUDED IN THE 10 SQM BARK JUNGLE KIT: 1.800 l of PRIMER 700 - 2.700 of CR 633 - 8 of CR 634 - 0.700 l of CR 635 (to be coloured with Paint Dispenser or directly by VALPAINT) - 0.900 l of VALFLOK 300 TRANSPARENT - 1 x PV 93 MOULD.

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